In the summer of 2020 I became aware of this thing called NFTs. Actually, I had been reading about this before in 2018 but didn’t understand how I could create these contracts myself, so I forgot about it. In October 2020 I applied to Super Rare because the artwork on that site looked so marvelous compared to what I saw on Rarible and OpenSea. I got accepted and felt so proud of myself.

As an artist you always feel a bit left out, not being taken serious for what you are. So, from then on, I just felt like wow there is a place for digital art, were people and potential collectors believe in digital art. It turned out a lot of this “collectors” just see digital art as a way to flip and gain money but the underlying believe that digital art is the future is so great.

When it comes to myself, I don’t believe in this traditional big studio with huge paintings anymore, I believe when you create something it’s very great when it’s just on your computer or cloud. If you want a print, you can choice your own size and so on. And now with this blockchain you can actually identify a digital artwork as something unique, which is such a huge milestone in digital art.

My NFT art can be collected at various platforms:


Some of my NFTs